The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

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Department of Plastic & Oral Surgery

Children’s Hospital

One-fourth of Dr. Greene’s academic time is protected for research, and he is responsible for directing our department’s research laboratory. His primary research effort is focused on vascular anomalies, a group of pediatric disorders that affect arteries, capillaries, lymphatics, or veins. He is studying the relationship between hormones and the growth of vascular lesions. In addition, he is investigating the somatic mutation responsible for vascular anomalies as well as the cellular dysfunction in these lesions. The ultimate goal of his research is to determine the cause of vascular anomalies, as well as the mechanism for their growth, so that drug treatments may be developed for patients. Dr. Greene’s second area of research focuses on the relationship between obesity and lymphedema. Finally, Dr. Greene is studying pediatric cranioplasty using a novel bone grafting technique (particulate bone graft) that the department has popularized.

  • Birthmarks Types:

    Hemangioma, Venous Malformation, Lymphatic Malformation, Unknown / Not sure, Port Wine Stain, AVM, Nevus, Combination

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