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When Guilianna was born there was no indication of a vascular malformation on her face. It wasn’t until her first initial check-up after birth that we even realized there was a pink tint to the
skin around her left eye. At this time her former pediatrician mis-diagnosed her vascular malformation as a Port Wine Stain. Because of the way he chose to handle the situation we decided to get a second opinion. We switched to our current Pediatrician that was sure it wasn’t Port Wine, but wanted us to take a wait and see approach. We looked at it weekly, and watched the light pink gradually turn to red. Over a period of 48 hours at around 6 weeks of age the redness darkened drastically and started to become raised. It would be two days before we could see our pediatrician. I took to the internet and this is where I found the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

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