Non-Involuting Congenital Hemangiomas are not typical infantile hemangiomas. They are always present at birth and never regress, involute or shrink on their own. Therefore, it is important that parents know that these lesions must be removed or treated promptly, especially if they pose a threat to vision. See the series of pictures below which show the NICH in an ultrasound and even show the baby squishing the NICH and then pre op and post-op. The surgeries were done by Dr. Aaron Fay in Boston and a laser treatment was done in NYC with Dr. Fay and Dr. Waner. The baby’s sight was saved and the ultrasound prove that these rare lesions are fully formed in utero.

See NICH over baby’s right eyebrow See NICH and how baby is squishing it with his hand (like saying “go away”) Baby before surgery that was done by Dr. Fay Baby  after 2nd surgery by Dr. Fay and laser with Dr. Waner


Rapidly Involutiong Congenital Hemangiomas are always present at birth, and fully formed in utero.  However, they rarely need treatment, since they involute very quickly after birth.