The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

We continue to collect information for parents that we hope will be helpful in your journey.  We have provided this list of resources below, and please be sure to visit our Parent List, to contact parents who have volunteered to be available for questions and support.

Parent Resources

VBF Vascular Birthmarks Brochure – Download and Print – A comprehensive brochure describing all vascular birthmark types, syndromes and treatment options. To print, click here (you will need the Acrobat Reader to view and print this document).

Before you visit, email, or speak to a birthmark specialist, be sure to read our Checklist for Parents! Provided by Corinne Barinaga, it’s a wonderful, detailed list to make sure the physician has all needed information.

Doctor Visit Survey; Have you been seen by a doctor to assess a vascular birthmark? Please click here and complete our survey. This survey will be used to provide feedback to the doctors about the information and treatment they provide to families affected by a vascular birthmark. Complete your survey and mail to Corinne Barinaga, VBF Director of Family Services, 23028 146th Dr. SE, Snohomish, WA 98296. or email to

Memorable Messages Parents of Children with Vascular Birthmarks Receive from Others: Implications for Stigma and Identity (pdf)

Anna M. Kerr, Charee M. Thompson & Valerie Rubinsky (2019): Memorable Messages Parents of Children with Vascular Birthmarks Receive from Others: Implications for Stigma and Identity, Health Communication.

How to Appeal an Insurance Denial or Request Out-of-Network Treatment (pdf)
New! Example Letter for Insurance Appeals

Ulcer Care and Treatment (pdf)

Dr. Rosen’s Vascular Birthmark Information for Parents

A Parent’s Guide to Oral Steroids (pdf) – Many parents have so many questions about the long- and short- term effects of oral steroids.

Treatment for Port Wine Stain – A Guide for Parents and Children
Psychosocial and Emotional Issues for Individuals with a Port Wine Stain

Hope For Families Dealing With Lymphatic Malformations: Read about the Chase family’s journey to find a treatment for their son’s lymphatic malformation.

Simple things you can do to manage KTS by Dr. Delfanian and Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon

“Everyone Deserves to Look Normal”: The Communication of Uncertainty, Support, and Information in an Online Community for Families Affected by a Vascular Birthmark Liesbeth Wiering M.A. Candidate San Diego State University

Dr. Linda’s Facebook Live Sessions with VBF Medical Experts

VBF’s Facebook Live sessions allow families from all over the world to tune-in through Facebook to have their questions answered LIVE by Dr. Linda and a VBF medical expert. Catch up on Facebook Live Sessions you missed or tune in to an upcoming Live session with Dr. Linda and one of our VBF medical experts to have your questions answered in real-time.

By Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, VBF President & Founder, & various VBF Medical Experts.