VBF had a very successful iTeam Rome conference on June 28-29, 2018.

Thursday, June 28th included lectures by VBF Experts from around the world. This included: Dr. Linda, Dr. Milton Waner, Dr. Roy Geronemus, Dr. Stuart Nelson, Dr. Robert Rosen, Dr. Stavros Tombris, Dr. Anton Hasso, Dr. Milton Waner, Dr. Aaron Fay, Dr. David Darrow, Dr Anne Comi, Dr. Martin Mihm, and Leslie Graff. VBF guest speakers included: Dr. James Suen, Dr. Laurence Boon, and Dr. Mikka Vikkula. Many Italian doctors were also guest lecturers and one will be joining the VBFiTeam, Dr. Giacomo Colletti.

A special thanks to our Italian liaisons Dr. Raul Mattassi and Dr Francesco Stillo for hosting the event.

Over 50 physicians were educated, and we had 22 patient clinic appointments and 11 free Laser treatments.

The free laser treatments were made possible because Candela Syneron provided the lasers, equipment, and technicians which allowed 11 people to get free laser therapy.

Next year, the VBF iTeam goes to Athens Greece.

VBF continues to push its mission forward to educate physicians and to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for all of our affected families. When possible, we also offer free laser and free dental exams and psychotherapy sessions.

We were very excited that our VBF Global Ambassador Joie Davidow was on hand at the clinic to interpret and provide support. This is another great example of a program that we created, The VBF Global Ambassador, having a positive international impact!

We are providing hope, all over the world!

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