The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Join our #PutOnYourBirthmark challenge by sharing a photo of yourself or a loved one with a heart to raise awareness for vascular birthmarks all year long.

HOW TO #PutOnYourBirthmark

  1. OPTION 1: #PutOnYourBirthmark
    Share a photo of yourself, your family, your co-workers, or a loved one with a heart to show your support for vascular birthmarks. (Lipstick works great!)
  2. OPTION 2:  Share the VBF Logo
    Post our logo to your social accounts to get the word out about our awareness movement.
  • Right click on the logo and save to your computer

  • Please post this Month of Awareness logo to your social accounts for at least one day during the month of May.

  • Right click on the logo and save to your computer

HOW TO RAISE AWARENESS through #PutOnYourBirthmark

      • Spread awareness and acceptance for vascular birthmarks by responding to questions asked by family, friends and strangers, or referring them to us for more information.


      • Start with #PutonYourBirthmark Fridays –  We’re counting down to our VBF Month of Awareness in May with #PutonYourBirthmarkFriday. Each Friday, we’ll ask our community to participate by posting a photo #PutOnYourBirthmark, or sharing our logo.
      • Tag a Friend #PutOnYourBirthmark – Challenge your friends to join your #PutOnYourBirthmark campaign by tagging them in your posts, and asking them to support your advocacy efforts.
      • Add a  #VBFStoryofHope to your #PutOnYourBirthmark post –  We know that your personal stories of life with a birthmark are what help to encourage awareness and acceptance in our larger community. Add your story, and be sure to include #VBFStoryofHope so that we can share.
      • Join our #PutOnYourBirthmarkLogo Design Contest –  Create your own #PutOnYourBirthmark logo and post it on the VBF social media accounts. Tag us at #PutOnYourBirthmarkLogo  or email with your design by April 20, 2019 to participate. The winner will be announced on May 1 and will receive a VBF Awareness T-Shirt.
      • Win a Free T-Shirt in May through #PutOnYourBirthmark – Each week in May,  VBF will gift a VBF Awareness T-Shirt for one lucky person who posts a photo #PutOnYourBirthmark. Winners will be drawn at random each Friday in May.
      • Plan a VBF Day of Awareness – Visit to learn how easy it is to set up a VBF Day of Awareness event in your local area.


Send your #PutOnYourBirthmark photos to so we can share your advocacy efforts with our global community. Together, we are making a difference.

ABOUT #PutOnYourBirthmark

VBF’s International Day of Awareness is on May 15 and our Month of Awareness for Vascular Birthmarks is in May, marked by Congressional Resolution. Dr. Linda launched the #PutOnYourBirthmark campaign as a way to raise awareness for vascular birthmarks and acceptance for our community, and it has become a global movement extending all year long.

Enjoy our VBF #PutonYourBirthmark Gallery

Thank you to every single member of our VBF Family for sharing their photos and raising awareness with VBF.