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Dr. Colletti, VBF Europe Co-Medical Director, educated medical students regarding vascular Birthmarks in Milan, Italy. This is the first time medical students have had a course in Vascular Anomalies.

From Dr. Linda’s Blog
January 17, 2019

Major victory for my trip to Milan, Italy with Dr Colletti.

1. We educated dozens of medical students! They will never learn this information otherwise. It’s not taught in medical schools.

2. We had a great clinic and signed up our first PWS laser Baby patient who was done on Monday! The Mom will be one our first VBF Global Ambassador from Berlin (Family is pictured here with me and Dr Colletti at our free clinic in Milan.)

3. Dr Colletti agreed to our VBF flat fee of 450 euros per laser session. No anesthesia. Any age!!!

4. Our first ever International VBF Facebook Live session was a huge success. And, many patients who joined the chat, who live in Europe, will now be seeing Dr Colletti.

This is the purpose of VBF. This brilliant and accomplished vascular birthmarks surgeon has been operating for 10 years and VBF did not know about him until last year when he presented at our conference in Rome. He and Dr Tombris are the future VBF surgical leaders for Europe. They are beyond skillful. They are the best I have seen in a long time and as I begin to identify our future leaders, I will be doing more of these joint sessions.

We head to Greece in June with Dr Tombris. I’m so excited. More families will have more access to earlier laser and surgeries and drug therapies! Free clinic at our June conference and free laser.

All this work is in direct line with my 2019 mission and theme “VBF 2019 – It’s All About the Family”.


– Dr. Linda, PhD

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