Raise Awareness with VBF Fact Sheets

Download & share our VBF Fact Sheets with your local networks so that we can raise awareness world-wide and help educate our international community.

VBF Vascular Birthmark Fact Sheets

Birthmark Awareness Fact Sheet

About these Fact Sheets

Read the TOP 10 FACTS for vascular birthmarks and syndromes. Then, download & share our facts sheets as we raise awareness through education. You can also share these fact sheets with your local doctors offices.

Download the VBF Fact Sheets:

“It’s a Vascular Birthmark” Fact Sheet

About this Fact Sheet

Print and share with your medical providers and keep a few handy for your next opportunity to educate someone. You can also save the image files to your cell phone to show anyone who approaches you with questions. Together, we can raise awareness through educating our global community about vascular birthmarks, common misconceptions and our message of acceptance for our VBF Family.

Download “It’s Just a Birthmark”


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