YOU are MORE than your birthmark…


I am MORE than MY birthmark…


All Vascular Birthmarks, Anomalies, and Related Syndromes (VBARS) are like snowflakes; they are unique. But, what is even more unique is YOU. While no one can deny if they have a birthmark, the birthmark does not have to define them. YOU are MORE than your birthmark.

VBF launched the “More Than” project in 2021 so that we can learn about you. Are you a chef, a dancer, a teacher, a mother, a firefighter? Maybe you are a football player, a service worker, or a dog trainer. You could be a toddler who likes dinosaurs, or even a proud uncle. Everyone diagnosed with a VBARS, no matter what, is something more than their birthmark.  

Submit today! Send a photo of the individual with VBARS, their diagnosis, and 3 facts that describes their “More Than”  to We will share with others how we are ALL #MoreThanABirthmark.

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-Dr. Linda, Phd

President/Founder, VBF


More Than a Birthmark

More than a Birthmark

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