VBF Abby Czirr Physician Education Grant

First Recipient of the VBF Abby Czirr Physician Education Grant Begins Studies with NYC Team

Pictured above (from left to right) are Dr. Aaron Fay (eye specialist), Dr. Milton Waner (world renown vascular birthmarks surgeon), Corey Tournay (Clinical Coordinator, Vascular Birthmark Institute of NY) and Dr. Arthur Falk (Abby Czirr Grant Recipient).

Dr. Arthur N. Falk, Facial Plastic Surgeon and Laser Specialist for the Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center of Albany, NY is the first recipient of the Abby Czirr Physician Education Grant.

The first grant was presented to VBF President and Founder Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon by Abby’s parents, Steve and Paige Czirr in November 2008 at the VBF Mark of Beauty Gala. Abby, the daughter of Steve and Paige Czirr, passed away in August 2003 from complications related to her hemangioma. Dr. Linda dedicated her dissertation last summer to Abby and contacted her parents to tell them. They were thrilled and had been thinking about doing something to honor Abby that would make a difference in the world of vascular birthmarks. Establishing the VBF Abby Czirr Physician Education Grant is the perfect way to honor Abby. Each year a grant will be awarded to a physician so that he or she may be able to travel to one of the leading vascular birthmark treatment centers to learn about the latest in diagnosis and treatment. Abby is the “Guardian Angel” for VBF and continues to watch over us. We are all very proud to have a physician education grant in her honor.

Dr. Falk is not only the first recipient of the award, he is also resurrecting the Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations clinic in Albany, NY which had previously been at Albany Medical Center. The original center was established in 1995 by VBF Co-Medical Chair Dr. Martin Mihm and VBF President Dr. Linda, along with Dr. Edwin Williams.

Dr. Falk will spend two weeks training with Dr. Waner’s world renowned team in NYC. He has completed his first week and reports that it was an excellent experience and that it was “very enlightening.” He was able to observe clinics and surgeries with Dr. Milton Waner, Dr. Gregory Levitin, and Dr. Aaron Fay.