VBF Day of Awareness Events

VBF Board Members

  • VBF Parent Rep Natalie and Treasurer Brian Bolinger – Texas, October 2009 – Silent Auction and Texas Hold ‘Em – Annual event and largest Day of Awareness fundraiser. Their daughter Nicole had a hemangioma.
  • VBF Secretary/SWSC Co-Director - Tiffany Ethington and son Glen Ethington. Tiffany and Glen have an annual interview on noon news to raise awareness. Glen has Sturge-Weber syndrome/facial Port Wine Stain, and organized a newsletter and pen pal group for kids with birthmarks and their siblings/friends called “Glen’s Gang”. VBF Chapter Director/SWSC Co-founder Glenda Ethington also helped organize this annual event.
  • VBF Executive Assistant Basia Joyce – VBF Walk/Run organizer. Basia’s daughter Anna had a hemangioma.
  • VBF Director of Musicians with Birthmarks Jenny Legary – Jenny is putting on a show in NY. Jenny has port wine stain.
  • VBF Parent Rep Danielle Vlahos – Each year Danielle hosts a “Jeans Day” at her workplace. Danielle’s son Cole had a hemangioma.
  • VBF Parent Rep Lianne Chase – Team running in the VBF Walk/Run in NY. Lianne’s son Cody has a lymphatic malformation.
  • VBF Legal - Barbara Rothaupt – VBF Walk/Run organizer
  • VBF President Dr. Linda Shannon and daughter Christine Shannon – VBF Walk/Run organizer. Christine had a hemangioma on her lip and was the inspiration for the organization of VBF.
  • VBF Parent Rep Elysa Baron and her daughter VBF Student Rep Saige Cavayero – Selling VBF Kids Who Care bracelets and organizing a team for the VBF Walk/Run. Saige was the inspiration for the bracelets. She designed them as a fundraiser for the first VBF Day of Awareness. Glen’s Gang and the VBF Kids Who Care program used Saige’s original design for adult bracelets and designed a blue/white swirl bracelet for children. Saige had extensive facial hemangioma.

Family and Volunteer Events

  • Donna Ducker and Evan Ducker – International Event - Buddy Booby Read-Along – Buddy Booby is the mascot for VBF. Mother and son authored the “Buddy Booby’s Birthmark” book about a booby bird with PWS. Evan Ducker has a facial PWS
  • Lisa Burdick – Saegertown, PA Collection Box
  • Allen Stotler – Sunrise, FL - Collection Box and VBF Starter Kits
  • Arlin Diaz – Hopelawn, NJ - Collection Box
  • Mike Jackson – Newton Centre, MA – VBF Starter kits
  • Rita Jones - Grand Saline, TX - Collection Box
  • Kate Steele – Dekalb, IL – Collection Box and VBF informational materials - In Honor of Aliyah Steele and VBF
  • Karenina – Advance, NC - in Honor of daughter, Juliana Grubb – VBF informational materials
  • Bianca Shemper – Hattiesburg, MS – VBF Stickers
  • Kathy Wyrick – Lake City, FL – Article in local paper and informational pamphlets
  • Jan and Andrew Dreger – 3rd annual Awareness Day Event at family
    owned/operated restaurant- Campbell's Boat House in Media, PA. Percentage of sales donated to VBF
  • JoAnn Campbell – Media, PA - Buddy Booby Birthmark Read Along to students at St. Cornelius School. JoAnn is a teacher in Chadds Ford, PA. Also, video montage shown to students of grandson Owen Dreger.
  • Rabbit Hill Nursery School – Springfield, PA - Buddy Booby Read Along to Owen Dreger's Pre-school class.
  • Vanessa Beall – Aptos, CA – Collection Box – In honor of Lillie Nichols
  • Christine Sylvester – Milwaukee, WI – postcard and sticker campaign to friends and family
  • Kathleen Miller – Slingerlands, NY – Lunch and Learn, collection box – In honor of Camryn Shea Miller

VBF Chapter Events

  • VBF Latin America - Andrea Domingues - São Paulo, Brazil - Medical Lecture – Each year Andrea hosts a meeting of People with Hemangioma and Linphangioma Brazil. The conference is organized by ABRAPHEL, a Brazilian association for people with Hemangioma and Lynphangioma. Andrea’s daughter, Gabrielle, has Proteus syndrome.
  • VBF India - Santo Banerjee – Kolkata, West Bengal, India – Writing an article in the local newspaper. Santo’s son, Sumangal, has SWS.
  • VBF Poland – Ewelina Ochab – plans pending
  • Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community (SWSC) – Lexington, KY - Tiffany and Glen Ethington – Tiffany and Glen have an annual interview on noon news to raise awareness. Glen has SWS/PWS and organized a newsletter and pen pal group for kids with birthmarks and their siblings/friends called “Glen’s Gang”.
    • Glenda Ethington , SWSC – distributing informational pamphlets to local hospitals/doctors.

It's never too late to register for the 2009 VBF International Day of Awareness. Our annual celebration for Awareness is on May 15, but events can be held at any time during the year. Join these dedicated families in supporting VBF and raising awareness for vascular birthmarks. Visit the VBF Day of Awareness website today for more details and to register your event. With your help, we are making a difference!