Dreger Family Celebrates VBF Day of Awareness

Jan and Andrew Dreger, parents of Owen Dreger, along with JoAnn Campbell (Jan's mom/Owen's grandmother) had a multi-event VBF Day of Awareness celebration on May 15.


First, Owen's pre-school class participated in the "Buddy Booby Read-Along". His teacher, Mrs. Darla McNulty, made a puppet that resembled Buddy to entertain the class. Owen's mom, Jan Dreger, colored pictures of Buddy with the kids, along with bookmarks that they took home with them. Afterwards, Owen gave out VBF stickers to the kids. It was his "special day" because he was born with a special mark. The entire school was sent home with information about the VBF and about the Dreger's annual Day of Awareness event at their family's restaurant, Campbell's Boat House.

Next, at the St. Cornelius school where JoAnn Campbell teaches, her 6th grade class acted out the Buddy Booby book as a play. The kids did most of the production tasks, including casting, script, costumes, props, and sound. JoAnn assigned a producer and director, and they practiced all week and memorized their lines. The play was performed 4 times throughout the day on Friday, and all grades (pre-K to 8th) and teachers attended. Owen, his brother Austin, and mom Jan attended the last performance. After the play, the school presented the Dregers with two checks totaling $450.00 for VBF! The kids even asked Owen to sign autographs.

At 4 p.m. the Dregers opened the Boat House restaurant, and a steady stream of family, friends, and patrons filled the building all night. They had a wait list for 3 hours! Three families from the area came with their children who have birthmarks. The Dregers donate a portion of the proceeds from the night to VBF.
VBF would like to thank the Dregers for all their hard work, and for their outstanding efforts to raise funds and awareness for vascular birthmarks.

Please let us know about your Day of Awareness event. Send your event details and pictures to awareness@birthmark.org