VBF Advocacy Alliance

VBF is proud to announce the establishment of the VBF Advocacy Alliance. This alliance is being formed to coordinate legislative, legal, and insurance related issues regarding the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks and tumors.


The vision and mission is as follows:


1) VBF-AA is a forum of VBF that encourages families from each state to join the alliance so that they can contact their state representatives in order to promote legislation that will assist families affected by vascular lesions.

2) VBF-AA will work with physicians to assist in defining the proper coding procedures, reimbursement, and determination of medical necessity for all vascular birthmarks and tumors.

3) VBF-AA strives to reach the highest level of the court system in our country to be heard so that we can petition Congress to mandate that all children and adults affected by a vascular birthmark receive appropriate treatment and that the treatment is covered by insurance

4) VBF-AA encourages other not for profits and advocacy groups focusing on

5) vascular birthmarks and tumors to join together to support key legislation and initiatives that would improve the lives of families affected by a vascular birthmark or tumor

6) VBF-AA through it’s national representation from each state will coordinate letter campaigns that will petition legislators and representatives to sponsor or support key legislation concerning the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks including health care reform


If you would like to be a member of the VBF Advocacy Alliance or to learn more about it, contact the VBF Director of this program, Brian Bolinger, Esq. at


We will be establishing a VBF-AA Forum on our website shortly where questions can be posted to Brian about your ideas regarding this very important program.