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VBF Launches 2013 DOA - We need 25 families!

Thank you for your support of VBF and the VBF International Day of Awareness.


Many of you have participated every year, since its inception on May 15, 2004. Families and individuals have hosted annual bake sales; garage sales; sold stickers, bears and bracelets; celebrated a birthday by hosting a party for VBF; were featured in newspaper and magazine articles and local television news programs – the list goes on…


There is really no proper way to thank each and every one of you for support, and for raising awareness of vascular birthmarks and the associated syndromes and conditions. VBF has one amazing support network.


As you know, the downturn in the US economy has had an impact on all aspects of life, including charitable giving. Donations to VBF are down 40 percent, while the free services VBF provides to patients and families have continued to increase. For this reason, your continued support of Day of Awareness is more vital than ever.


If you haven’t participated in VBF Day of Awareness, please join the VBF family of tradition and giving by hosting an event in your community:


In 2012 Shelley Delamarter, Laurel McNall, Mary Ann Springer, Joanmarie DiMirco, Annie Jacob, Kara Stotler and Andrea Lockwood created Join Me pages for their DOA event. Aneesa Waheed created a Join Me page in honor of her daughter Zoya's first Birthday. Her family and friends donated in lieu of gifts.


Lauri Firstenberg and The Isaacs Family held fundraisers in honor of their daughters, Edie Firstenberg and Annabelle Isaacs. Davinia Decant began fundraising for her 2013 DOA event!


Tina McGrath and Fran Muscarella hosted a benefit dinner dance in City Island in the Bronx in New York in honor of their daughter/granddaughter, Julia.


Isabel Spano, the owner Belisa Salon hosted a Cut-a-thon to benefit VBF.


VBF Board member, Kyla Graziane held a Pampered Chef fundraiser in New York.


VBF President and Founder, Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, along with VBF Executive Assistant Basia Joyce, VBF Office Manager Lauren Palmateer and VBF Board members Lianne Chase and Kyla Graziane, organized the fourth annual VBF Walk/Run for Birthmarks in New York and are gearing up for the 5th Annual Walk/run to be held in May in New York. Dr. Linda, Basia, Kyla and Tara Kozak Lindsay also created Join Me pages to raise money for this event.


VBF Board member, Andria (Downey) Gottsabend organized her first annual VBF "Olivia's Walk for Birthmarks" in Pennsylvania. It was a huge success and she is in the process of planning the second annual Olivia's Walk. Andria, Kari Buser, Rachel O'Neil and Danielle Hagerman also created Join Me pages to raise money for this event.


VBF Board Members, Brian and Natalie Bolinger held their first annual golf tournament in Texas. It was a huge succes as well and they are looking forward to the next one this fall.


VBF would also like to acknowledge the support of members like VBF Honorary Chairs Frank and Barbara Catalanotto whose daughter Morgan had a hemangioma. The past two years, Frank and Barbara have organized a very successful golf tournament in Long Island to benefit VBF. Like so many parents of children with birthmarks, their efforts on behalf of VBF are outstanding.


It’s never too early to plan your event! Visit the VBF Day of Awareness website today to register your event, or for ideas on how you can help. Here are some helpful links to get you started:


  • —VBF Day of Awareness website:

  • —“Tell Your Story”. Share your experiences with other families:

  • —To create a Join Me page for your Day of Awareness, please click here:


Remember, May 15 is VBF's Day of Awareness, but events can be held any time during the year.