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1994 - 2016
Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder
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Meet VBF's 2010 Gala Chairs

VBF is proud to have Marc and Hyleri Katzenberg as our 2010 Gala Chairs.


Hyleri Katzenberg

Hyleri Katzenberg was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents, both high powered attorneys, taught her at a young age “that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. After graduating from UCLA with degrees in Political Science and theater arts, Hyleri went on to study acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and appeared in many roles on stage, screen and television. Ms Katzenberg founded The Belle Foundation, which gave aid to children with congenital deformities, in 1993 after her overwhelmingly arduous experiences in getting her daughter Carleigh’s hemangioma, treated. Through her role as founder and President of The Belle Foundation, Hyleri raised awareness, funds and lobbied insurance providers to fund treatments for vascular deformities. Through talk show appearances, press coverage and meetings in The White House, Ms. Katzenberg was successful in her crusade. It was through her work as the President of The Belle Foundation that Hyleri first met Linda Rozell-Shannon and her daughter Christine, who sought out Katzenberg to get answers, direction and treatment. In 2008, after Rozell-Shannon had gone on to get her PHD in this field and had founded The Vascular Birthmark Foundation, the two women’s paths crossed once again and Rozell-Shannon asked Katzenberg to jump back on the bandwagon and take on this battle once again, since it had slipped so far backwards since Hyleri had last left things. Although Katzenberg was just months out of surgery and treatment for kidney cancer, she enthusiastically accepted Rozell-Shannon’s request and came aboard VBF as the Director of PR and Special Affairs.


Hyleri currently resides in Westport, CT with her husband Marc and their collective 7 children. Together, Hyleri, Marc and their partners, are launching a line of food and beverage products which will be available soon for retail. The Katzenbergs have appeared together on a television show for NBC and have another show in development, as well as a book they are co-authoring.



Marc Katzenberg

Marc Katzenberg, a graduate of Ohio Weslyan University, left his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in his twenties and headed to Palm Beach, Florida. Armed with a lot of enthusiasm and only a few hundred dollars in his pocket, Katzenberg started a restaurant chain called TooJays with his partner Jay (Marc’s middle name is Jay). In 2000, Marc sold his share to his partner and headed up to Fairfield County, Connecticut where he wove his magic formula once again with his chain of gourmet express delis, Katzenberg Kafes. Katzenberg felt the recession coming and in 2007, he sold his chain of restaurants once again and headed to Bejing, China to open restaurants for the Olympics.


Marc Katzenberg currently resides in Westport, CT with his wife Hyleri and their brood of seven combined children. Together with Hyleri and their partners, he is bringing to market a variety of unique food and beverage items. The Katzenbergs are also in development on a network television show and a book.