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Ask the Makeup Expert

Linda SeidelIndustry Pioneer, Makeup Artist, Author (The Art of Corrective Makeup Double Day 1984), Esthetic Rehabilitation Specialist – Linda Seidel is all of these. For those who have witnessed her in action, what ultimately impresses them about Linda is the passion and determination embodied in the help she gives her clients.

Linda’s Natural Cover Camouflage Skin Tone Matching System performs unlike anything else on the market. Highly concentrated, waterproof and smudge resistant, it feels virtually weightless on the skin and is silky soft to the touch. It conceals any type of discoloration and is formulated specifically for the most sensitive and post operative skin. Available in 20 actual skin tone shades from the palest olive/ivory to the deepest brown/mahogany, the line addresses the needs of all ethnicities.


“My work is about transformation and what happens on the outside,” Linda says. “But what I’ve come to realize is that when you give someone the means to change something unwanted about their appearance, it doesn’t just change the way they look, it changes the way they look at themselves. It is my mission to empower every client to let their soul shine.”


Linda Seidel – it’s more than makeup. You use it on your skin, but you’ll see the results at a far deeper level.