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1994 - 2018

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder
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1) To Raise Awareness – 25% - Campaigns are held every year all over the world around the VBF Day of Awareness (May 15th) to educate the public about vascular birthmarks. In addition, numerous campaigns are held throughout the year to raise awareness. The Buddy Booby Read-A-Thon is included in this annual campaign where the book is read in schools all over the world to raise awareness about birthmarks and to teach tolerance for living with a difference.


2) Network Families Into Treatment – 25% - Through our 12 worldwide websites we are linking families to the proper treatment specialists where they are able to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.


3) Physician Education – 10% - VBF coordinates teaching fellowships for physicians from all over the world to learn from our VBF Medical Experts. They are then able to return to their country and treat children and adults.


4) Annual Conference – 25% - Through our annual conference, families are brought together with our leading medical experts to receive an informal diagnosis and treatment plan. For needy families, we pay lodging, meals, and waive all conference and clinic fees.


5) Research – 15% - As funds are accumulated, grants are distributed to support research into the cause and cure of vascular birthmarks.


NOTE: You may directly designate your donation into one or more of our five funding opportunities.