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Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder
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Go for the GOLD!

gold medalVBF – 2011 Go for the Gold Medal Challenge

VBF needs to raise $25,000 each year through on-line donations in order to continue our work. We can’t do it without YOUR help. Our giving continues to be the lowest it has been in our history, but our services are at their all time highest. We reached the 50,000 mark for families networked into treatment since VBF was founded in 1994. And, we won’t compromise the services we provide to families, despite the economy. We can only continue our work with YOUR help. Make a donation today toward our GOLD MEDAL CHALLENGE of $25,000.


The thermometer will move up with each donation so that you can see our progress. If 100 people gave $250 we would reach our goal, or if 200 people gave $125 we would reach our goal, or if 500 people gave $50 we would reach our goal. Even if 1,000 people gave $25 we would reach our goal. We have helped 40,000 families in 16 years to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Now we need their help and your help in order to continue our mission.


Your donation will go toward helping a needy family attend our annual conference. VBF IS THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR JOINING THE CHALLENGE and helping us to continue the valuable work that we do for families all over the world!


We started our “Go for the Gold” Challenge last year, in 2010, and with your help we were able to continue our work. Please consider giving again this year so that we can continue our work. Maybe you know someone we helped. You can make the donation in his or her honor !


Thank you for helping us to make a difference !


Make a donation to Go for the GOLD! in someone's honor. While checking out, use the comments section at Paypal to send us the name and address.