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Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder
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VBF “Join Me” Personal Fundraising Page Far Exceeded Expectations!

Daniela DiMircoJoanmarie DiMirco, a long time friend and supporter of VBF created a “Join Me” personal fundraising page to benefit VBF. This fundraising page was in honor of Joanmarie’s 10 year old daughter, Daniela who was born with a glomous venous malformation as well as capillary malformations. Daniela’s journey has been a difficult one. She has been admitted to the hospital overnight for embolization procedures approximately every three months. She undergoes MRI’s annually, bone scanograms and bone age x-rays every six months, laser treatments, blood tests, etc.  Daniela also has leg/foot length discrepancies and will eventually need additional surgeries with her orthopedist. Through VBF, Joanmarie found the doctors that are treating Daniela’s vascular conditions. Joanmarie and her family are so grateful to VBF that they hold fundraisers annually to support VBF’s mission. This year Joanmarie set up a personal fundraising page in which she included Daniela’s story and photo. She set a goal of raising $1500 and far exceeded this goal by bringing in over $2600!!! Thank you, Joanmarie, Daniela and family for your continued support of VBF!


May 15th is VBF’s International Day of Awareness (DOA). On or around this date, and in fact, all year long, people from all over the world hold DOA events to raise awareness and/or funds for VBF. A VBF “Join Me” page is a great way to do this. It is also an opportunity to tell your own personal story and how VBF helped you. Once your page is created, simply email the link to your friends, family, co-workers, business associates, etc. They can make a donation online through your website. To create your own personal “Join Me” page, please click below: