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The Frank Catalanotto Perseverance Scholarship

Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF)
Frank Catalanotto Scholarship Program 2013

Evan Ducker receives scholarship
Dr. Linda, Frank Catalanotto, Evan Ducker (recipient), Barbara and Morgan Catalanotto


VBF is pleased to announce our newest college scholarship award, the Frank Catalanotto Perseverance Scholarship which honors VBF’s co-chair Frank Catalanotto, and his wife Barbara, for their tireless efforts to raise awareness and funds for VBF. This award also recognizes Frank’s accomplishment as a Major League Baseball Player, as the father of a child who had a vascular birthmark and was helped by VBF, and as the author of a book which chronicles his journey in baseball and in life, entitled, “Heart and Hustle.” Frank’s book details his dream to play in the big leagues, and how it all came true. It is also about the importance of persistence, tenacity, and perseverance for any child told that he or she is not good enough, was left behind, or was excluded from some team, club, or group. VBF believes that there are a lot of young men and women out there who share a similar story because of the fact that they are living with a vascular birthmark. We want to acknowledge these young men and women with the Frank Catalanotto Perseverance Scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate that through their living with a vascular birthmark they have had both the “heart and the hustle” qualities of life.


This year, the first VBF Frank Catalanotto Scholarship was presented at the 3rd Annual Frank Catalanotto Golf Outing to Evan Ducker. Evan is well known in the birthmark world. He is the co-author of the Buddy Booby Birthmark Book and has been spreading the word about vascular birthmarks for the past 10 years. He is studying marine biology in college and wants to work at a zoo, taking care of animals. As the first recipient, Evan will “pay it forward” by hosting a VBF Day of Awareness event on campus.


The $1,000 scholarship was present to Evan by VBF President and Founder Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon along with Frank and Barbara Catalanotto.


VBF will be posting the guidelines and accepting applications for the 2014 scholarship after January 1, 2014.