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Vascular Birthmarks Foundation 20th Anniversary Conference

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Physician Registration- please read below for details.

Conference Itinerary:


The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is thrilled to announce that October 2014 marks our 20th Anniversary of assisting families affected by a vascular birthmark or associated syndrome. Throughout 2014 we will be celebrating our accomplishments such as over 3,000,000 monthly visits on websites with chapters on 6 continents, 75,000 networked into treatment, over 500 families provided free lodging while seeking a medical opinion or treatment, over 400 conference scholarships awarded, over 200 Day of Awareness events, over 100 insurance appeals successfully challenged, 15 conferences, 12 new programs (including our Ask/Accept Anti Bullying campaign), 10 walk/runs, 6 research projects funded, 4 physician education grants awarded, 4 college scholarships awarded, 2 International Missions Trips with over 300 treated by our international. We have exceeded all of our expectations!

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, we will be hosting our 2014 Annual Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Conference at the Lenox Hill Hospital, 130 East 77th Street, New York City. The cost to attend will be $100 per family (fee will be waived for families who cannot afford to pay the conference fee). Breakfast and lunch will also be provided, in addition to many special sessions for affected families. You won’t want to miss this conference as we will have experts from all over the world.

VBF is pleased to announce that the Chairs for our 2014 Conference will be Dr. Robert Rosen, Dr. Roy Geronemus and Dr. Gregory Levitin.

Any physician wishing to attend the conference can attend for a $100 donation to VBF through our general donation box on the front page of our website ( Please indicate in the note or comment box, “Physician attending conference”.

We only have 50 FREE HOTEL ROOMS for ONE NIGHT (Friday evening) for the first 50 families who register. Once the rooms are gone, we will continue to accept registrations for the conference but you will need to secure your own lodging. You may be able to find discounted rooms at or or other such discounted sites.

NOTE: The 50 FREE ROOMS are for families who do not live in the immediate NYC region and are in financial need. You must live outside the NYC Metropolitan region to qualify for a free room. There is a 4 person per hotel room limit (no more than 2 adults per room!)

This year we will require a credit card for everyone who registers, even if you get a free hotel room and all conference fees are waived. If you do not show and you have a free room, your credit card will be charged $299 (cost to VBF) for the hotel room. So, please make sure you are attending when you register. We will give a 100% refund if you cancel 30 days prior to the conference (by September 10, 2014). There will be no refund after September 10, 2014. Lodging will be at the Millenium Broadway Hotel, 145 W. 44th St., New York City, or the Holiday Inn - Midtown - 57th Street, New York City.

There is a $100 conference/clinic fee per family. This fee entitles the family to admission to the conference, a free clinic appointment, breakfast and lunch, daycare (if needed) and attendance at special sessions (make-up, psychotherapy, support, or legal-insurance services). If you are only attending the conference or only attending a clinic session, the fee is still only $100. We urge all families to attend the conference and to sign up for a very valuable clinic session. If there is a financial hardship, fees will be waived. There is a “discount code” on the online registration form. By using this code you are stating that you are unable to pay the conference fee due to a financial hardship. The code is WAIVER (all capital letters). For questions please contact Basia Joyce at

The conference begins with registration and continental breakfast at 7:15 AM. We will have conference speakers from 8:00-12:00 PM, presenting on the most recent information on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks and syndromes. Boxed lunches will be available between 12:30 and 1:00. Clinic sessions and other special sessions will run between 1:00 and 6:00 PM. There be 7 different clinic teams, comprised of world renowned medical experts in the field of vascular birthmarks, providing an informal diagnosis and treatment plan.

Clinic Teams:

Proposed Clinic Teams for 2014 VBF 20th Anniversary Conference/Clinic:

Team 1: Hemangiomas & Head & Neck Lesions (Dr. Milton Waner, Dr. Aaron Fay, Dr. Stavros Tombris, Dr. Teresa O)

Team 2: Vascular Malformations of the Head & Neck (Dr. Alex Berenstein, Dr. Rafael Ortiz, Dr. Gregory Levitin, Dr. Barry Zide)

Team 3: Extremity & Internal Lesions (Dr. Robert Rosen, Dr. Anton Hasso, Dr. Joseph Rozell)

Team 4: PWS Adult (Dr. Stuart Nelson, Dr. Martin Mihm, Dr. Paula North)

Team 5: PWS Infants & Children (Dr. Roy Geronemus, Dr. Ignacio Sanchez-Carpentiero)

Team 6: SWS & PHACE Syndromes (Dr. Anne Comi, Dr. Steven Kane & Dr. Francine Blei)

Team 7: KTS (Dr. Kami Delfanian, Dr. Laura Findeiss)

Other experts will be on each team and will be available for meeting with families throughout the day.

Special sessions will be held for make-up, psychotherapy, insurance issues, and support.

IMPORTANT: We need at least one clear birthmark photo for each patient so that we can insure that the patient is put on the correct team for evaluation. Please email this photo to Basia Joyce at when you register.

VBF is very excited to announce that once again Dr. Roy Geronemus, of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, and one of the leading laser experts in the world, will be offering free laser treatments. These treatments will not be offered to anyone who is currently a patient in Dr. Geronmus practice or in a practice in New York City. The free laser treatments are for patients who are traveling from out of state or out of the country. In order to determine if you qualify for a free laser treatment, please email your photo, name, and contact information to Joan Agnetti, Chief Operating Officer, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, email: phone: 212-686-7306. You MUST be attending the conference in order to qualify for the free laser treatment!

VBF will be holding their 20th Anniversary Gala celebration the night before the conference on October 10th at the Hudson Theater in Manhattan. If you are interested to learn more about the gala, please visit: