The Road to 100K

In December 2016, the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation celebrated its landmark 100,000th patient networked into treatment.  Where did the path to 100K begin and how did it evolve?  Watch this space for stories of VBF’s evolution and profiles of the beautiful patients and physicians who are the heart of its family.



Paige Parrish, before"You are in the right place"
Sherry Parrish, 2017 VBF Board Chairman


There we were in Dr. Waner’s office in New York City looking at the photos in his books in the waiting room. It had been several years since the first time we met Dr. Waner. In one of the photo books, Brooke found her sister, Paige, as an infant still with her birthmark.


Some of the other mothers in the waiting room were wondering why we were there. Neither of my children appeared to have a visible birthmark.


I took the book over to them and said, “this was my daughter then ... and this is her now,” pointing to my oldest daughter, Paige. “I know how you feel. It will be okay.”  Paige’s scar from her birthmark excision was barely visible. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]





Pay it Forward
Dr. Roy G. Geronemus


It was a thrilling day in early April when Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, President and Founder of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF), and two active duty military personnel made their way to New York City for free laser treatment sessions with Roy G. Geronemus, MD, a pioneer in the laser treatment of vascular birthmarks.


Organized under VBF’s “Pay It Forward” program, Scott Cupples of the US Air Force and Erica Ratz of the US Marines became the two most recent soldiers to receive the treatments by Dr. Geronemus at his world-renowned Laser and Surgery Center of New York. 


Under the initiative, VBF identifies and screens potential patients—both active duty personnel and veterans ... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]





In the beginning:
Dr. Nelson


Dr. Nelson is a port wine stain laser expert and the inventor of an incredible device that has enabled physicians all over the world to safely and effectively treat port wine stains with minimal pain. His invention, the “Dynamic Cooling Device” (DCD), cools the skin so that pain is minimized during laser treatments for patients with a vascular birthmark.


Our story begins with the Samz family – one of the thousands of families affected by a vascular birthmark that Dr. Nelson has helped.


In 2011, Jackson Samz was born with a large port wine stain on the left side of his face. Initially, the hospital informed his mother, Julia, that the discoloration was bruising from the birth. When the bruising didn’t fade, a pediatrician diagnosed the port wine stain and recommended that Jackson receive laser treatments.


The family was first referred to a doctor who performed laser treatments at a university near their home. In the meantime, they also heard about Dr. Stuart Nelson and the Beckman Laser Institute. From the very first treatment with Dr. Nelson, the family felt they had found a kind and attentive doctor who was the right ... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]







In the beginning: 
Dr. Linda, Christine and Dr. Milton Waner

VBF’s story began in 1994 when Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon gave birth to her miracle daughter Christine. Though doctors had previously told Linda she could never have a child, they were wrong!  While she knew her own life had changed for the good, in that instant she couldn’t fathom how the lives of so many others would one day be impacted by her daughter’s birth.


When Christine was just six weeks old, Linda noticed a blister-like tumor on her baby’s lower lip that was later confirmed by her pediatrician as a hemangioma.  Over the next few months, … [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]