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VBF iTEAM Conference and Clinic in Rome, Italy - June 28th-29th, 2018

International Conference AnnouncementVBF iTEAM, along with the SISAV of Italy, Conference and Clinic in Rome, Italy – June 28th-29th, 2018

Location: Columbus hotel in Via della Conciliazione – a few steps from St. Peter’s Square.


Co-Directors are Dr. Francesco Stillo and Dr. Raul Mattassi from Italy and Dr. Milton Waner with Dr. Linda, of the VBF, as the iTEAM Coordinator.  


Conference is open to all. The cost is 100e per family. There will be a FREE clinic on the 29th and FREE laser treatments by Dr. Roy Geronemus and Dr. Stuart Nelson on the 29th as well.  Physicians are encouraged to attend the conference, which is only 150euros. European CME credits will be granted.  Because this is an official scientific meeting and we cannot waive the fees for the conference.


To register for the conference and/or clinica and/or free laser, go to


General logistical questions regarding the conference/clinic should go to the event Secretary, Daniele Chiti or Dr. Francesco Stillo at or, Dr. Raul Mattassi at


If you are interested in attending the clinic, and/or if you are interested in the laser treatment, please send a photo of the patient and birthmark to  Dr. Maria Gnarra at AFTER  you have registered at the above link so that we can make sure you are seen by the proper physician and so we can determine if you qualify for free laser. There will be NO anesthesia for these laser treatments, though we may have topical numbing cream.


I will be assigning patients to clinic teams. June 29th at the Columbus hotel in Via della Conciliazione – a few steps from St. Peter’s Square.  The clinic will begin at 10:45 on the 29th but patients must be there in advance for scheduling. We will also have a group psychotherapy session on the 29th for families and adults. The free lasers will be from 3:00pm until 6:00pm.


The VBF iTEAM clinic leaders are as follows:


Team 1 – Port Wine Stains – Pediatrics – Dr. Roy Geronemus

Team 2 – Port Wine Stains – Adults – Dr. Stuart Nelson

Team 3 – Hemangiomas – Dr. Teresa O

Team 4 – Vascular Malformations of the Head and Neck – Dr. Milton Waner

Team 5 – Vascular Malformations of the Extremities w/KTS – Dr. Robert Rosen

Team 6 – Sturge Weber Syndrome – Dr. Anne Comi


There will be other physicians in attendance who will be participating on the team and I will be clinic coordinator.  Dr. Darrow MAY be able to do brief dental exams. We are also having psychotherapy sessions for adults with birthmarks and a second one for families of infants and children with a vascular birthmark.


Unfortunately, we do not have any information on lodging or travel.


Thank you, Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, VBF President/Founder

VBF iTEAM Rome Conference Coordinator