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Note: This list in no way is to be construed as containing the ONLY physicians who treat vascular birthmarks. There are many other physicians who are qualified and have great expertise in this area. This list contains some physicians who have become a part of our resource list. If you are a physician or if you know of a physician who should be added to our resource list, please send his/her name, address, phone number, fax and e-mail (if available) and indicate under which state or country his/her name should appear and send to Also indicate if the physician is a dermatologist, surgeon, etc. We briefly mention what some of these physicians treat if we have that information under their name and address.

South America

South America

Zacharias Calil
Al Coronel Joaquim Bastos nº 120 - Setor Marista
CEP: 74.175-150 - Goiânia - GO - Brasil
Fones: (62) 3238 - 8030 - (62) 3541 - 0858 - (62) 3241 - 2516
Email :
Specialty: General Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Endosurgery, treating : hemangiomas, lymphangiomas,conjoined twins, severe cellulites with loss of substance (conservative).

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Dr. Pedro Meneses Imber
Hospital de Clinicas Caracas San Bernardino
Phone 508-6308 576-6966

Dr. Paola Pasquali
Caracas, Venezuela

Heloisa Galvão Campos do Amaral
Hosp.A.C.Camargo – São Paulo – Brazil
Tel.: 5511 2189-5169

Dr. Conseulo Gracia
Derm. Surgery

Dov Charles Goldenberg
Rua Pedro de Toledo 980 cj. 124
Sao Paulo Brazil
location of treatment center: Sao Paulo
type of doctor: Plastic Surgeon & Craniofacial Surgeon
type of birthmarks treated: all vascular anomalies (vascular tumors and maformations), congenital nevus, soft tissue tumors