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Ask the VBF Experts

Dr. Stuart Nelson, VBF Co-Medical Director and International Port Wine Stain Laser Specialist
Dr. Nelson will answer your questions concerning the diagnosis and treatment of Port Wine Stains.


Dr. Gregory Levitin, Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon, NYC and LA
Dr. Levitin will answer your questions regarding the surgical treatment of all vascular birthmarks and tumors.


Dr. Robert Rosen, Vascular Lesions of Arms and Legs Interventional Radiologist
Our expert for all non-brain AVMs and vascular lesions of the arms and legs, Dr. Rosen welcomes your questions.


Dr. Roy Geronemus, NYC and International Laser Specialist
If you have a question or concern about laser treatments in general, contact Dr. Geronemus.


Dr. Milton Waner, Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon
Email Dr. Waner with questions regarding hemangiomas and other vascular lesions.


Dr. Aaron Fay, Hemangioma and Malformation Eye Surgeon
Dr. Fay will answer your questions about orbital birthmarks.


Corinne Barinaga, VBF Family Services Director
Corinne Barinaga, our Administrative Director, will answer emails concerning family advocacy, treatment questions, or physician referral.


Dr. Martin Mihm, VBF Co-Medical Director and Research Director
Dr. Mihm is coordinating and directing research regarding vascular birthmarks and tumors.


Dr. Darren Orbach, Pediatric Neurointerventionalist for AVMs and PHACE
VBF is proud to welcome Dr. Orbach!


Dr. Anne Comi, Sturge Weber Syndrome Specialist
One of the leading experts on Sturge Weber Syndrome, Dr. Comi will be responding to your questions concerning this syndrome.


Dr. Alex Berenstein, Malformations and AVM Interventional Radiologist
Ask Dr. Berenstein your questions regarding interventional radiology.


Dr. Kami Delfanian, KTS Treatment Specialist
Send your questions concerning KT Syndrome to Dr. Delfanian.


Dr. Barry Zide, NYC Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon
If you have a question or concern about hemangioma and vascular malformation treatment in general, contact Dr. Zide.


Dr. Joseph Edmonds, Lymphatic Malformations Surgeon
Ask Dr. Edmonds your questions related to Lymphatic Malformations.


Anna Duarte, M.D., Florida Expert
Ask our expert Dr. Duarte, your questions about receiving treatment in Florida.


Dr. Orhan Konez, Interventional Radiologist
Questions regarding reading and interpreting films and treating malformations with sclerotherapy or embollization can be sent to Dr. Orhan Konez.


Dr. Steven Fishman, Internal Lesions Surgeon
Ask Dr. Fishman your questions about liver and other internal vascular lesions.


Rafael Ortiz, MD, Neuro-endovascular Surgeon
Ask Dr. Ortiz your questions about vascular tumors of the head and neck region, cerebral and spinal arteriovenous malformations, treatment of craniofacial vascular lesions (venous, lymphatic, AVMs, hemangiomas) in adults and children.


Dr. Calil, Lymphatic Malformation Surgeon
Dr. Calil will answer your questions about Lymphatic Malformations.


Elissa-Uretsky Rifkin, M.Ed. CMHC Midwest Developmental Specialist
A trained developmental specialist and is on the board of VBF. Send questions concerning hemangiomas and this topic to Elissa.


Dr. Stavros Tombris, European Surgeon
Fr. Tombris treats all forms of hemangomas, port wine stains and malformations.


Dr. Stevan Thompson, Military (Tricare) Surgeon
Dr. Stevan Thompson has joined us to answer questions concerning the treatment of vascular birthmarks in the military.


Dr. Helen Figge, Pharmacist
If you or your child has a vascular birthmark and you have a question regarding a prescription drug, please ask Doc Helen Figge.


Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, VBF President and Founder
Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon is the leading lay expert in the world on the subject of vascular birthmarks.


Lex Van der Heijden, CMTC Foundation
If you or your child has CMTC, please contact Lex with your questions.


Leslie Graff, East Coast Developmental Specialist
Leslie is a trained developmental specialist. Send questions concerning port wine stains and this topic to Leslie.


Linda Seidel - Make-up Expert
Ask Linda Seidel your questions about make-up.


Nancy Roberts - Make-up Specialist
Ask our expert Nancy Roberts, Co-Creator of Smart Cover Cosmetics (, your questions about make-up.


Eileen O'Connor, Adult Living with PWS


Laurie Moore, Make Up Expert from Colortration
Laurie Moore, from will answer makeup related concerns.


Alicita, Spanish Expert
Ask our expert Alicita, your questions in Spanish.


Dr. Thomas Serena, Wound Care Expert


Sarina Patel, Young Adult Advocate



What Our Families Are Saying About Us


"We relied on the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation to provide us with the information, the contacts, the resources, and the support that we needed to get through this difficult time. Their theme, "We are making a difference" couldn't be more accurate. For us, it was all the difference in the world."
Jill Brown


Hi Linda
Just a note to say how wonderful I found the interview of you and Capital 9 news. Thanks so much for your devotion.


Find a Doctor- Outside the US

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Note: This list in no way is to be construed as containing the ONLY physicians who treat vascular birthmarks. There are many other physicians who are qualified and have great expertise in this area. This list contains some physicians who have become a part of our resource list. If you are a physician or if you know of a physician who should be added to our resource list, please send his/her name, address, phone number, fax and e-mail (if available) and indicate under which state or country his/her name should appear and send to Also indicate if the physician is a dermatologist, surgeon, etc. We briefly mention what some of these physicians treat if we have that information under their name and address.



Phone: 00218-927308559
Dermatologist at Libyan swiss Medical centre in Tripoli Libya.
Using ND YAG LASER and Pulsed Dye laser for treating Birthmarks.

Phone: 00218-927308559
Dermatologist at Libyan swiss Medical centre in Tripoli Libya.
Using ND YAG LASER and Pulsed Dye laser for treating Birthmarks.



Pramod Kumar MS, MCh, DNB
Prof and Head
Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 576 104
Karnataka, India

Tel No. +91(0) 820 2571201 Ext 22135(R)

MD (Dermatology and venereology) MAHE University, India


Dr. Wang Peilin
PO Box 9720
Beijing 100101 P.R. China
Dept. of Stomatology

Jinjin Wu
Director of Dept. of Dermatogoloy
Daping Hospital
Third Military Medical University
Changjiang Branch 10th,Chongqing
400042, P. R. of China

Prof. Guoyu Zhou, M.D. (laser dermatologist specializing in birthmarks treatment with photodynamic therapy)
Associate Director
Medical Laser Center
Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6313-8341 ext. 5205


Marjorie F.U. Yang, M.D.
Dermatology and Laser Surgery
St. Luke's Medical Center
Rm. 1004 South Tower, Cathedral Heights Building Complex
279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City
1102 Philippines
(63-2) 723-0101 loc. 2004




Dr David Lord
Radiology Department
Vascular Birthmarks Program
Childrens Hospital Westmead
Locked Bag 4001
Westmead NSW 2145
Sydney Australia

Dr. Tony Moore
Adelaido Plastic Surg. Assoc.
Memorial Hospital North Adelaide,
S. Australia 8267-1800

Dr Philip Bekhor
Director, Laser Unit
Royal Children's Hospital
Melbourne, Australia
Laser Dermatology
503 Elgar Rd
Box Hill, Melbourne
Phone 61 3 9890 1844

New Zealand

Wellington Regional Plastic, Maxillofacial & Burns Unit
Centre for the Study & Treatment of Vascular Birthmarks
Hutt Valley DHB
Private Bag 31-907, Lower Hutt
New Zealand
Ph +64 4 570 9067
Fax +64 4 570 9510

Dr Trevor FitJohn, Interventional Radiologist

Dr Charles Davis, Plastic & Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Philip Leadbitter, Paediatrician

Dr Neil Aburn, Ophthalmologist

Dr Mark Rider, Hand Surgeon

Dr Peter McDonald, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon



Dr. Ignacio Sanchez-Carpintero, MD PhD
Unversity Clinic of Navarra
Medical School of the University of Navarra, Spain


Dr. Anita Trailius
University Hospital Mulmoe


Jan Kromhout, MD PhD
Hospitaalweg 1
Flevo Ziekenhuis
phone: 0031 36 5398701
In our centre the surgeon, the plastic surgeon and
the pediatrician work together in the treatment of vascular malformations.
If LASERtreatment or embolisation is indicated, patients are referred to The
University Hospital in Amsterdam



Prof C.M.A.M.van der Horst
Plastic surgery Academic Medical Centre
Po box 66220
1100AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands-, email, tel 020-566297.



Dr. Odile Enjolras
Groupe Hospitalier
Cochin Hospital Lariboisiere
Paris France
Phone: 33 14 9958 359
Email: odile.enjolras@lrb.ap


Dr. Stavros Tombris
51 Kifisias Av
Athens, Greece
Facial Surgeon who operates on children and adults with vascular birthmarks and tumors or the head and neck area. Dr. Tombris spent several years studying in Boston, Mass.


Laurence M. Boon, M.D., Ph.D.
Center for Vascular Anomalies
Division of Plastic surgery
Cliniques universitaires St Luc
Avenue Hippocrate 10

Dr. Romain Vanwijck
Service De Chirurgie Plastique
Cliniques Unversitaires St. Luc
Brussels, belgium
Phone: 32 2 764 14 03


Sekretariat Prof. H.-Peter Berlien
Elisabeth Klinik
Abt. Lasermedizin
Lützowstr. 24-26
10785 Berlin
Sekretariat: +49 (0) 30 2506-902
Fax: +49 (0) 30 2506-923

Dr. Dirk Loose
Center for Circulatory Disturbances and Vascular Defects
Bahrenfelder Steindamm Nr.
109-111, 22761
Juergensallee Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 011-49829610
0049-40-46- 00 39-0 (phone)
Serving: Europe, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Egypt, USA, and Canada.
Sponsors annual gathering for families affected by vascular anomalies.

Susanne Astner M.D.
Charité University Medicine Berlin
Department of Dermatology
Charitéplatz 1
0049-30-450-518039 for appointments


Dr. Ignacio Sanchez-Carpintero, MD PhD
Unversity Clinic of Navarra
Medical School of the University of Navarra, Spain



Dr. Richard Barlow
St. John's Institute
St. Thomas Hospital
London, England

Dr. Karen Healey
St. Thomas Hospital
London, England
Att: Angie, Dr. Healey's Secretary 001144-1232-618-737 (phone) 001144-171-922-8186 (fax)



Dr Alan Irvine MD FRCPI MRCP
Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick children
Dublin 12
Ph + 353 1 428 2532
Physician referral to P: + 353 1 428 2532

Dr Rosemarie Watson MD FRCPI FACP
Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children
Dublin 12
Phone: + 35352-428 2541
Physician referral to . Ph: + 353 1 428 2541.

Interests include haemangiomas and laser therapy. A monthly paediatric multidisciplinary vascular clinic (dermatology, plastic surgery, interventional radiology) is held at the children’s hospital above.

A multidisciplinary vascular clinic is also held quarterly at the adult centre, St James’s Hospital, Dublin and represented by vascular surgery, radiology, plastic surgery and dermatology. Access is through referral by family practitioner to Department of Dermatology, St James’s Hospital, Dublin or email: (Catherine Berry-Byrne).

Middle East

Middle East

IMDAD Tamer Wali at 966-1-465-0371
Saudi Arabia Laser surgery specialists

Khalid A. Al-Mazrou, MD,FAAP
Assistant Professor
Pediatric Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
King Saud University and University Hospitals
Old Airport St.
Department of ORL
King A/Aziz University Hospital
PO Box 245
Riyadh 11411
Saudi Arabia
Fax: +9661-477-5748


Dr. Eyal Raveh
Schneider Childrens Hospital
Tel Aviv

South America

South America

Zacharias Calil
Al Coronel Joaquim Bastos nº 120 - Setor Marista
CEP: 74.175-150 - Goiânia - GO - Brasil
Fones: (62) 3238 - 8030 - (62) 3541 - 0858 - (62) 3241 - 2516
Email :
Specialty: General Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Endosurgery, treating : hemangiomas, lymphangiomas,conjoined twins, severe cellulites with loss of substance (conservative).

See Before and After Photos for this physician

Dr. Pedro Meneses Imber
Hospital de Clinicas Caracas San Bernardino
Phone 508-6308 576-6966

Dr. Paola Pasquali
Caracas, Venezuela

Heloisa Galvão Campos do Amaral
Hosp.A.C.Camargo – São Paulo – Brazil
Tel.: 5511 2189-5169

Dr. Conseulo Gracia
Derm. Surgery