The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Mission: To provide treatment, education and research for the placement of orphans with birthmarks with adoptive parents.

Orphans with birthmarks are classified as “undesirable” “hard to place” or “special needs.” As such, these children are frequently left as orphans indefinitely. Due to the lack of knowledge as to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks outside of the US, these orphans are often given death sentences for a vascular birthmark than can be treated and thus restoring the child to a “normal” and more adoptive condition. On the other hand, there are thousands of American families looking to adopt a child but are reluctant to adopt these children because they do not understand what can be done. Almost all insurance companies have preclusions on pre-existing conditions and therefore if the child is fortunate enough to find an adoptive family, the family is often denied coverage of treatment.

The mission of Orphans With Birthmarks to: locate these children, find potential adoptive parents, and provide treatment. It is also the mission of Orphans with
Birthmarks to educate physicians all over the world as to the proper diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks and to fund research as to the cause and hopefully one day the cure of this birth defect.


Any American family that has adopted a child with a birthmark should be provided treatment through the foundation if their insurance does not cover treatment.


A. Potential Adoptive Parents – Educate potential adoptive parents as to what can be done and how to access the best treatment available.
B. Physicians – Educate physicians as to the most and current diagnostic and treatment options available for treating vascular birthmarks.
C. Pre-approval Process – Physicians will review photos and history of orphan and provide treatment plan to potential adoptive parents.


At this point in time treatment can change the lives of these children. Great strides have been made in this field due to research efforts. However, we all recognizes the need for further advancement and it is the mission of this foundation to fund significant research in the field of vascular birthmarks.


Founder and Administrative Director: Linda Rozell-Shannon,
Co-Founders and Medical Directors: Dr. Martin Mihm, Dr. Milton Waner, and Dr. Roy Geronemous

For more information on Orphans With Birthmarks, contact Linda Rozell-Shannon