February 18-19, 2015 the VBF iTEAM, along with program founder and VBF President, Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, participated in a two day Vascular Anomalies Conference at the Sackler Medical School in Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

The purpose of this iTEAM conference was to share the team’s knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies with physicians who treat vascular anomalies in Israel.

The conference was well attended with over 100 physicians from Israel. On Day 1, the VBF iTEAM, along with vascular anomalies experts from Israel presented on the latest in diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies. On Day 2, complex cases were presented by each VBF iTEAM member as well as by experts from Israel. The focus of these complex cases was to show how these complex lesions can be effectively treated.

Dr. Moshe Lapidoth, Director of the Laser Institute in Israel, Co-Chaired the conference with VBF iTEAM member, Dr. Roy Geronemus, Director of the New York Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.

The VBF Israel Dream Team consisted of Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon (Opening Remarks, Review of Conference Objectives and Goals), Dr. Roy Geronemus (Laser Treatments in Infants), Dr. Stuart Nelson (Laser Treatments in Adults), Dr. Deborah Shatzkes (Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation), Dr. Robert Rosen (Interventional Management of Extremity Malformations), Dr. Milton Waner (Surgical Management of Malformations), Dr. Aaron Fay (Surgical Management of Orbit Lesions), Dr. Gregory Levitin (Surgical and Drug Management of Hemangiomas), Dr. Francine Bei (Drug Management of Hemangiomas), Dr. Martin Mihm (Research Developments in Vascular Lesions), Dr. Teresa O (Management of Airway Vascular Malformations) and Leslie Graff, Child Life Specialist (Psychosocial Issues and Vascular Malformations).

VBF iTEAM Israel Dr. Linda and Dr. Moshe Lapidoth
Dr. Geronemus and CEO of Syneron, Shimon Eckhouse Attendees at iTEAM Israel Conference

One of the key highlights of the conference was Dr. Martin Mihm’s presentation on his research regarding four new genes found in a Port Wine Stain. He noted that this research could one day result in a gene therapy to treat port wine stains.

Another highlight was meeting the VBF Israel Chapter Director, Vitali Varole. Vitali is the father of a little boy with a port wine stain. He has successfully translated all of VBFs 24 key pages into Hebrew and is overseeing the VBF Israel Chapter Website.

Dr. Lapidoth was very pleased with the conference and has asked us to return in 2018. Dr. Linda, is currently solidifying the location of the next international missions trip for the VBF iTEAM.

Acknowledgements to the event Platinum Sponsor: Syneron-Candela.

The VBF iTEAM is reaching out to all areas of the world to bring the latest information in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies, syndromes, and associated disorders. Please consider donating to VBF and designating your donation to support the international outreach of the VBF iTEAM. Many countries outside of the USA do not have vascular anomalies treatment centers. It is the vision of Dr. Linda, and the mission of this team, to bring the iTEAM’s level of expertise to every area of the world that has a need. Please join us and make this vision a reality.

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