An online educational opportunity provided by the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

We’re promoting Acceptance through Education for our VBF Month of Awareness for Vascular Birthmarks in May by introducing the VBF Library of Vascular Anomalies. If you have previously received your password, you may log in here

We noticed that physicians and families across the world use different terminology when describing the same birthmark and treatment methods. Many families turn to the internet for their own research on behalf of themselves or a loved one with a vascular birthmark.

Our VBF Library of Vascular Anomalies includes the latest scholarly articles in the field of vascular birthmarks for over 70 birthmark-related keywords. We’re offering full-access for a minimum donation of $25. The database is designed to help families and researchers alike ensure that their research is complete and comprehensive and will give families the ability to do their own research on behalf of themselves or a loved one in a database that is tailored to their needs.

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