• Dr Linda., Thanks to your suggestion, my daughter, Savanah, feels much more confident and much happier. We can’t thank you enough for sending us to NY. She was there twice. We love you and hope to see you one day in person. Thank you!!!!!
    Matt, Savanah, Jennifer Matin
  • I am reaching out to you to say thank you for being a part of my journey in finding out about my little girl. It all started with a post on a Facebook group called “Modern Alternative Mamas”. This group has been incredibly helpful, to say the least, with every question or issue I’ve had. Today I posted about the indentation on my 4 month old daughters head. Up until today, I have searched on Google Scholar every piece of literature I could possibly find on “indentation on skull at birth”, with nothing other that “fontanelles and soft spots” coming back. I was aggravated that there were several medical professionals around me who had no clue how to diagnose or treat what was going on. So I thought I’d take a shot in the dark because surely someone else has seen it before. I was wrong. Out of the thousands of moms apart of that group, not one knew what it was definitively. Though one mom did lead me to Dr.Linda. She and you led me to Dr.Ana Duarte. Within 5 minutes she answered me and told the symptoms may represent aplasia cutis congenita. Upon researching further it is identical to what she has. If it wasn’t for you guys, who knows when I would have found out. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me and my husband! I will forever be grateful.

    Sarah Landess
  • Hello Dr Linda, Stephanie here..

    I just wanted to personally say a biggest thank you! You have done so much for me that a miracle does not live up to what you have done for me. You have shaped my world, changed it and made my faith so much stronger… in fact you have made hundreds of Christians faith stronger, because of what you have done for me. I have gotten the privilege to tell the world my story about the blessings you have given me. Words can not explain how incredibly grateful we are.. but not just from my family but all of my friends, so basically the whole of South Africa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love Stephanie xx
  • Hi, I know a lot of your work is to help children with vascular birthmarks,
    and I am so glad you do that. But you also helped me in a big way when I was
    in my 40’s, and now again at the age of 60. In 2003, Dr. Linda was the only
    person who knew where to send me to take care of the horrendous sore throats
    I was having due to a portwine stain inside my throat. Since that laser
    treatment in Little Rock with Dr. Suen in Jan. 2004, I no longer have those
    sore throats that came frequently and make me miss a great deal of work. Now
    I’m about to have surgery on my ear, also by a doctor I met through VBF, as
    the birthmark is affecting my hearing. And the laser treatments I’d been
    having on my face for many years are much better now that I see Dr. Stuart,
    also introduced to me by VBF. I fully support your work and just wanted to
    send my personal thanks again for all you do for me and so many others!

    Rebecca Chapman
  • Hello Doc Linda Rozell-Shannon,

    First of all my wife and I would like to thank you, Dr. Levitin and everyone at Vascular Birthmarks Foundation.

    We are indebted to you doc, without your help and advices our daughter Patricia may still be having a hard time with her rare Subglottic Hemangioma.

    She is now well on her way to being cured thanks to the medicine you have given us (HEMANGEOL). This drug is truly wonderful in just 3 months that Patricia has been taking it the Hemangioma that was totally blocking her airway (subglottic area) is now regressing, as what our daughter’s ENT said (Dr. Rene Tuazon), in maybe 2 to 3 month time she may be decannulated.

    I would like also to specially thank you for facilitating for some Filipino doctors in treating and managing Hemangiomas. This will be a great help for my other countrymen who have limited or no knowledge at all about Hemangiomas.

    May God give you and your colleague, grace and strength to continue spreading goodwill for families and their babies, just like what you did for us.

    Again thank you so very much.

    Patrick Roy S. Parcia
  • “This foundation is a true advocate to the families and those living life with a vascular birthmark. Through trials and tribulations with insurance denials, they were able to provide me and my family with valuable resources to receive approval for important medical insurance coverage. The VBF is beyond dedicated in serving, educating and supporting those living with vascular birthmarks. Thank you for your continued commitment and support!”

    Rachel Lane, Texas
  • “When you’re the parent of a newborn baby, it’s very scary when there could be something wrong. We wanted to do something about it even though the doctors told us not to worry. Fortunately, when I was traded to the Texas Rangers, Linda Rozell-Shannon, the head of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, contacted us and told us about doctors who treat vascular birthmarks. We saw a doctor in Albany who was able to do laser surgeries and it went away.”

    Frank and Barbara Catalanotto, New York
  • “We relied on the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation to provide us with the information, the contacts, the resources, and the support that we needed to get through this difficult time. Their theme, “We are making a difference” couldn’t be more accurate. For us, it was all the difference in the world.”

    Jill Brown
  • Thank you so much! The VBF site is such a lifesaver – I had a hard time finding people with knowledge in this area and my pediatrician just recommended the wait and see approach and our family didn’t think his hemangioma was an urgent thing to treat, so the VBF site has been an invaluable, timely resource!

    Thank you again!

  • I just wanted to say thank you to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation, and specifically Dr. Linda for creating such a helpful resource. Not only have I learned so much about my condition through the many resources available here, but I was able to find Dr. Levitin who’s been a godsend in helping me when I beginning to feel hopeless. So, thank you VBF.

    Mary S.
  • Anli Ji, six months after surgery for an eyelid hemangioma

    ” Thank you very much for saving my family.”

  • Just like to thank you so much.
    I have followed you on the webpage since my daughter in 1998 was operated at
    Arkansas Childrens Hospital.
    Everyhing has grown so big – You are really fantastic!!!
    Anita has been operated many times since Arkansas, but you’ve made the
    difference and the possibilities.
    Thank you!!

  • Hi Linda
    Just a note to say how wonderful I found the interview of you and Capital 9 news. Thanks so much for your devotion.

  • Good Evening Linda,
    I am writing tonight to tell you that I would not know what to do if it weren’t for your foundation. Our son is 6 months old and has a hemangioma on his forehead, along his hair line. When our pediatrician saw him for the first time when he was two weeks old, (he was 6 weeks premature, so we were in the hospital a bit longer than usual) she pointed it out and told us “This is going to get bigger.” We took it with a grain of salt and said “no problem.” She reiterated again… “No, I mean this is going to get real big. We’ll keep an eye on it.” She informed us of what it was and gave us ointments when it ulcerated and has always inspected it thoroughly at each visit.

    Since then, it has made me worry, cry, mad, angry and proud all at the same time. Our family doesn’t even see it anymore, but strangers seem to point it out all too often. After a negative encounter at a local department store with a rude woman, I spent a few hours on the internet searching for answers and came across this site. Since then, we have received great info and encouragement from Dr. Levitin and Elissa and parents on the discussion forum.

    We still have many things to learn, and we are hoping to get an appointment in the near future with one of the physicians listed on the website. Until then, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You truly are an angel.
    God Bless,

    Melissa, Florida
  • My daughter, Allison had a similar hemangioma forming just like Linda Rozell’s daughter. Her statement that she missed the window to get her daughter to the doctor and put on steroids, made me pursue my daughter’s vigilantly. Thanks to her story and her wonderful website, she has helped my daughter so much. I am forever grateful for her telling her story of her beautiful daughter. I tell my daughter’s story often to help others in a similar situation and just for education purposes. I look forward to giving the jewelry out as gifts and wearing my own set and telling the story of where they came from and why we purchased them. So, THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.
    Parents like myself are so appreciative and grateful for your dedication. I will let you know how the surgery goes when we get back. We are blessed to have this opportunity.

    Joelle, California
  • I was a very worried mother in Brazil. My daughter had an hemangioma above her left eye, and all the “great” phisicians in Sao Paulo said “wait, it will go away”, “there is nothing we could do.. No, we do not make any surgeries in her case”… Gosh!

    The pain I felt in my heart everytime someone asked what was it, and my sweetie got upset and embarassed, it was like having my heart taken away. I could give my arm in exchange of having this hemangioma removed from my baby.

    One day, I found in youtube a video from a grandmother exposing her grandaughter’s problem with hemangioma and she indicated birthmarks.org. That’s how I knew about Dr. Zacharias Calil. Five months later, Aug 08, Jamille, my 4 years old princess, had her hemangioma successfully removed. Today, she is another child, happier, shinny kid.

    Dr. Calil was amazing, he is a wonderful professional and a human being. I would like to thank you all, as now I see that I was not the only mother worried about having to “wait”. The psycological marks would never gone away. These were my biggest concerns.

    Thank you, Dr. Linda. God bless you all and your families.


    Fernanda, Brazil
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