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From VBF Global Ambassador: Morgan Putbrese

We are grateful to Morgan for sharing how her KTS diagnosis influenced her decision to become a fitness trainer. Our VBF KTS Medical Expert recommends avoiding excessive lifting if you have KTS involvement of the upper extremity, but encourages regular exercise – in particular swimming, which promotes a gentle stimulation of blood to circulate properly throughout the body. We encourage our readers to consult their medical providers before beginning a new exercise regime.

VBF Global Ambassador Scott Cupples asked:

QUESTION: How does living with a vascular birthmark affect your goals to become certified as a CrossFit Coach/Trainer?

Here is Morgan’s reply:

“I have developed a passion for CrossFit and the training that has lead me to become a level one trainer. I’ve also developed a personal goal of showcasing my condition and share my story so others like me can see and believe that we achieve ANYTHING even when a medical report says “No.”If it wasn’t for living with my vascular birthmark and all the challenges it brings day to day I would have never stepped out in faith and showed the world what this “blue leg” and I are capable of!

Morgan is an VBF Global Ambassador living in Texas. View her VBF Ambassador Profile & Ask her a question.

About the VBF “Life with a Vascular Birthmark” Series

Check back for more Q&A with VBF Global Ambassador Manager Scott Cupples from VBF awareness leaders across the world depicting their life with a vascular birthmark. Our goal is to share real stories from those living with vascular birthmarks and their loved ones as part of Dr. Linda’s 2019 focus on the psychosocial aspects of life with a vascular birthmark.