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From VBF Global Ambassador: Nicole Hajjar

We are grateful to Nicole, an RN, for sharing how her PWS influenced her decision to become a nurse.

VBF Global Ambassador Scott Cupples asked:

QUESTION: Did your vascular birthmark play a factor in your career choice to be a nurse?

Here is Nicole’s reply:

“My birthmark and my experiences that came along with having a port wine stain definitely had a big influence in me deciding to persue nursing as a career. Growing up I was always in and out of doctors appointments and getting my laser treatments regularly, I had many interactions with doctors and nurses that drew me into the medical field. I always admired how the medical staff made me feel when I was nervous or vulnerable and I wanted to give back and be that support system to someone else who was struggling.

Nicole Hajjar is an RN living in Massachusettes. View her VBF Ambassador Profile & Ask her a question.

About the VBF “Life with a Vascular Birthmark” Series

Check back for more Q&A with VBF Global Ambassador Manager Scott Cupples from VBF awareness leaders across the world depicting their life with a vascular birthmark. Our goal is to share real stories from those living with vascular birthmarks and their loved ones as part of Dr. Linda’s 2019 focus on the psychosocial aspects of life with a vascular birthmark.