Take our Monthly VBF Day of Awareness Challenge by creating your Give2myVBF Page today!

The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation’s “Give2myVBF” page is your chance to partner with VBF to help families affected by a vascular birthmark.

You can create your own online fundraising campaign on our website.  You can use the page all year to:
– honor someone dear to you,
– collect donations in lieu of a birthday or holiday gift,
– allow far-away friends and family to participate in your VBF Day of Awareness event.

YOU can make a difference by creating a Give2myVBF page today!

The money that you raise can be designated to sponsor a family to attend our VBF Annual Conference and Clinic, earmarked for research, saved for general expenses, or contributed to our iTEAM and physician education.

If you, your child, a family member, or a friend has been affected by a vascular birthmark, let others know how it impacted your life. Start your page now!

More Ways to Raise Awareness for Vascular Birthmarks