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Submitted by Dražen, Croatia (parent)

My child Antonio has a port-wine stain on the left side of the face, stain is a part of Sturge-Weber Syndrome. He was born on January 18, 2021. He has received five later treatments at Laserplast Clinic in Milan, first treatment was in June of 2021. With the help of VBF website, we found dr. Giacomo Colletti and contacted him and also we got one free treatment in July 2021.

Luckily, we live in Croatia and Milan is not that far, so traveling to Milan via car or lately airplane is not a problem. The greatest hurdle was getting free days at work and planning the trip (hotel, means of transport, etc.) and also COVID-19 restrictions.

Life for our son is mainly normal with his vascular stain, even though he had problems with secondary epilepsy, and glaucoma (part of SWS), but they are under control, and of course, the trips to Milan are somewhat problematic, but not that much.

VBF helped me find the means to help our son and gave us advice and hope that the vascular stain will be removed in time. Attending the Free Laser Clinic helps us because the costs of trips and treatments are relatively high, so it definitely helps us keep our budget in check, even for a little bit, and also more importantly we can get medical advice from experts in that field.

We would like the broader community to know that a person can definitely live with a vascular birthmark and that there is always hope for getting better. Also, it does not make a person’s appearance less satisfying and life is totally normal.


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