My daughter Cora was born in April 2018 with a birthmark in the middle of her forehead. Initially, her doctors thought it would fade before she turned 2. At 5 months old she experienced her first seizure and then right before her first birthday, she had another cluster of seizures causing some motor function regression in her left arm and leg. She was diagnosed with Epilepsy but we were told she would likely grow out of it. She started physical and occupational therapy shortly after her first birthday.

At 15 months, she started walking and at 18 months, she said her first words. We started speech therapy as well and saw significant improvements in all areas. Shortly after her second birthday, Cora had a cluster of seizures leading to a MRI which showed signs of stroke activity and a diagnosis of Sturge Weber Syndrome. Thankfully, she has not had any additional lost of motor functions and we continue with therapy and medications to control her strokes/seizures. She works so hard and I’m so proud of her progess and can’t to see what amazing things she does in the future.


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