I was born with a port wine stain on the left side of my face. Since the age of six,  I have had laser treatments. I stopped around the age of 20, when I realized that I needed to stop and it was never going to go anywhere. I always thought it would magically disappear, but the moment I embraced that fact I started to not wear makeup to cover up anymore. I now have two little girls, my oldest who is 8 has asked me about my birthmark. She’s gone as far as to let me paint one of her Barbie dolls to look similar to me. I am trying to teach her to embrace your own beauty, not everyone looks the same, and to never let anyone bully you because you are different. When I was my daughters age, I was bullied because of my birthmark. I had to switch schools and became extremely shy. Now, coming onto this website I feel wonderful being able to submit this and share my story and to read other stories knowing that I am not alone.

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