Our names are Greg and Melanie Falco. Our second son, Evan, was born last May with a fully-formed, ulcerated hemangioma over his eye and on his eyelid. Originally, we were assured that it would “go away eventually”, but his hemangioma was not the normal sort, after all, he was born with it fully formed. Through a very miraculous set of circumstances, our pediatrician was given the cell phone number of Linda RozellShannon. We called her and she immediately sprang into action on our behalf. We were put in contact with Dr. Aaron Fay, at MEEI in Boston who diagnosed Evan with a NICH. He performed surgery in August at MEEI and removed most of his hemangioma. Evan later also had laser surgery in NYC with Drs. Fay and Waner. He looks wonderful, and our family was blessed by everyone. We received help with insurance questions, understanding from Dr. Fay’s office and wonderful staff every step of the way. Thank you to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation for helping our family, and our son. We are truly grateful recip