The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

We are so excited to kick off the first VBF Fashion Week from Monday, November 30 to December 4!

Each day during the VBF Fashion Week, a different business will be donating 10% or more of their proceeds to VBF.


Monday, November 30 – Rize Boutique
Tuesday, December 1 (Giving Tuesday) – Wishlist by Ashley Marion

Why I started Wishlist by Ashley Marion: I was born with an extremely debilitating and disfiguring disease called an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). This Malformation is located in the left side of my face and has at times left me disfigured, swollen, and unable to move. I suffer from chronic bleeds that result in blood transfusions and many hospital stays. I have had 69 surgeries to date, but unfortunately this disease has no cure. Wishlist is my creative outlet, this is where I find myself forgetting about all the negative and focusing on something I love, something I can control. With how disfigured I had become I found myself gravitating more towards fashion to help me build my confidence back up. I strive for all my designs to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Who are we: All our pieces are designed, patterned, and sewn in house by myself and my small team of two! We have so much fun finding high quality, unique fabrics. Watching my designs start from a concept, and slowly become a finished piece is a dream come true. We take pride in the quality of our work and would never put anything out we didn’t absolutely love.

How we are different: To start EVERYTHING IS ONE OF A KIND! In the past we have struggled with making one of a kind pieces, yet needing to somewhat mass produce. We came up with the perfect twist on this concept. We are taking styles we love and doing small alterations to each individual garment. This way each piece is unique and one of a kind, just like you! We also enjoy adding hints of our favorite trends. I design items I would feel comfortable and confident wearing in hopes that feeling translates to my customers. Wishlist started in September 2016, with a big rebrand in October 2019 and since then we have been honing in on what you all love!

Wednesday, December 2 –  Kate’s Silver Hammer

Katelyn has always been an artist in the truest sense of the word. Painting, drawing, even refurbishing old skateboards to use as a canvas, or hammering metal, and searching for stones; creativity can be found in everything she does.  Rooted in the east, inspired by memories of the west; Kate’s Silver Hammer started as a hobby in college while she attended Arizona State University. There, her  passion for creating functional, wearable pieces of art grew as she  learned many different silversmithing techniques.

The irony is, Katelyn never wore jewelry. However, admiring the authenticity of the metals and the beauty of the stones found in the earth, she’s forged a new appreciation for  the fashion of wearing jewelry, and can now be seen sporting many of her own creations.

Silversmithing has became somewhat of an addiction  for Katelyn. It’s the meditative state she feels while working in her studio, and the joy of finishing each new piece.  She has a fascination with the fabrication process – whether it’s hand stamping, forging, casting, etc. So many tiny details, and  meticulous work goes into even the simplest  design. Every piece is completely from scratch with unique ideas constantly flowing from her  passion for art and beauty.

Katelyn is an experienced silversmith that continues to expand her creativity and love for jewelry making.  Handcrafted with heart, each piece signifies your oasis. Your bliss.

Thursday, December 3 – Hello Port Wine Stain
Reagan currently resides in Los Angeles, California and was born with a Port Wine Stain on her left cheek. Reagan grew up all around the United States and embraced her birthmark from a very early age. Reagan has had 6 laser surgeries and does not plan to continue with treatment as she loves her PWS just the way it is!
In an effort to connect with others who share her daily struggles, Reagan created Hello Port Wine Stain in early 2017. Her vision for Hello Port Wine Stain was to create a safe space for open communication surrounding birthmarks and all that comes with them! Since then, Hello PWS has grown into a community of nearly 3,000 people all around the world. Most commonly known for their “it’s a birthmark” t-shirt and custom items, Hello Port Wine Stain is the perfect resource for anyone looking for a sense of community. Everyone is welcome!
Follow @helloportwinestain and Founder @reaganbaylee on Instagram and be sure to check out her one-of-a-kind merch at!
Friday, December 4 – Dolce Designs
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