VBF Life with a Vascular Birthmark Series

Global Ambassador Question & Answer with Scott Cupples

As part of our 2019 VBF Life With a Vascular Birthmark Series, VBF Global Ambassador Manager Scott Cupples asks our international team of global ambassadors the question:

How has VBF given you hope?

This week, we feature Mihaela Boban’s answer:

“VBF gives hope to everyone who is searching for questions; proper diagnosis; information about vascular malformation…6 years ago I did not now anything about PWS…I did not have proper diagnosis and treatment…thanks to great people that live their lives for families in need, we met Dr.Linda and our life started to change. Since then we learned so much… attended conferences where we met other great families with similar diagnosis and the only thing that matters is HOPE that VBF gives to us all. I thank VBF for existing and we love everything it does for us !!!!”

– Mihaela Boban, VBF Global Ambassador from Croatia

THANK YOU to Mihaela and her family for sharing their life with a vascular birthmark with us, and for serving as a VBF Global Ambassador in Croatia.

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