Maximize your impact with an employer matched gift

Did you know you could make your donation to VBF double in value?  Many companies will match your charitable gift donation.  Some companies will even reimburse you for your volunteer work with eligible organizations.  Below is a list of the top 20 companies matching their employees’ contributions. Ask your human resources department if your gift to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation will qualify for their matching gift program.  Please contact us if you or your employer requires more information.

Top Companies Contributing to Matching Gift Programs:

If your company is not listed here, call your Human Resource Department and ask if they have a matching gift program for employees.  The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is committed to transparency and we have earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and Guidestar.  If your employer needs any information from us to begin a corporate gift matching program, please ask them to contact us at

The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is not writing on behalf of any company. Policies will vary and ultimately be governed by the Human Resource Department for each company.