The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

VBF is on the forefront of studying vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and related syndromes (VBARS). Check this page frequently for our current studies and how to get involved!

  • Infantile Hemangioma Study – A study to assess all side effects parents and caregivers have observed while their child was taking any type of beta blocker such as propranolol, hemangeol, atenolol, Timolol, nadanol, etc.
  • COVID Part II Study – A study for parents or those living with a vascular birthmark, anomaly, and/or related syndrome who have COVID-19 or the vaccination.
  • Lymphatic Topical Drug – VBF is assisting with research for a new topical drug for treating lymphatic and mixed lymphoma-venous cutaneous lesions (lymphangioma circumscriptum and even glomovenous lesions). This topical is supposed to help with crusting, weeping, oozing, itching and bleeding. If you or a loved one is interested in learning about or participating in this study, please go to the link above and fill out a short questionnaire.
  • AVM Study – If you or your child has been diagnosed with an intracranial(in the brain AVM) or an extracranial (anywhere on the skin outside of the brain AVM) please complete this questionnaire. This study will assess if having a diagnosis of an AVM can lead to acute stress. We all know it does, but we need the data to quantify this so that we can recommend early intervention options.